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The mission of the Prince of Wales Vocational and Technical Education Center is to address the career preparation, employment and training needs of residents on Prince of Wales Island through the establishment and operation of a regionally-serving vocational and technical learning center.

Gunalchéesh, Haw’aa, thank you for choosing the Prince of Wales Vocational and Technical Education Center.


Construction of the Prince of Wales Vocational and Technical Education Center facility was completed in 2014 with the intent of becoming an educational 501c3; a Board of Directors was formed with members of the original planning committee.

One of many Resource Academy classes hosted in 2023


In 2018, the Board of Directors underwent a strategic planning session, and the goal continues to be to fully utilize the facility and be widely recognized throughout Southeast Alaska as the first choice for offering high quality workforce development.

Guest Experiences

We would like to extend our appreciation to you and the POW Vocational & Technical Education Center Board for the use of your facility to host our 7 Standards of Customer Service Excellence training.

Your assistance in helping us set up the classroom and use of your kitchen space was greatly appreciated. Your beautiful facility was the perfect setting for our training.

Thanks again. We greatly appreciate your service.

Anton Delgado

SEARHC Patient Experience Team

VocTEC Team,

Thank you for your support! The space was great, and we can’t wait to come back!

Jane Doe

Michael Mausback & Spruce Root

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