Board of Directors


The Prince of Wales Vocational and Technical Education Center is an organized non-profit governed by a Board of Directors. Each director serves a three year term and is appointed by the entity in which they represent. Officers are elected yearly at the annual meeting in May.

Current Board of Directors

City of Klawock - Leslie Isaacs  - Vice Chairman  

City of Craig - Sheri Purser  

City of Hydaburg - Anthony Christianson   

City of Thorne Bay - Jim McFarland

City of Kasaan - Vacant

City of Coffman Cove - Brian Wilson

Community of Hollis - Roger Cates

City of Whale Pass - Vacant 

Klawock City School District - Jim Holien

Craig City School District - Chris Reitan

Hydaburg City School District - Bart Mwarey

Southeast Island School  District - Sherry Becker

Klawock Cooperative Association - Lawrence Armour

Craig Tribal Association - Millie Schoonover - Chairwoman

Hydaburg Cooperative Association - Jean Bland

Organized Village of Kasaan - Bradley Clark

POW Chamber of Commerce - Lynnette Logan

USDA Forest Service POW Ranger District - Scot Shuler

Public Seat - Jon Bolling

Public Seat - Bob Girt - Secretary/Treasurer

POW Health Network - Heidi Young

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium - Heather Douville