The Prince of Wales Vocational and Technical Education Center is a teaching facility with large and small classrooms, a wet lab, a wood shop, a welding room and a large construction bay.   The facility is staffed and provides the following services:


Are you interested in having a class developed or brought to Prince of Wales Island?  Call or email our Project Coordinator and we can work to try to set it up.  Classes where outside instructors are brought in usually require class fees, which cover the instructors time and travel, as well as the use of the facility.   In some cases, we can find grants to reduce costs.

Classroom and Room Rentals

Each room at the facility has a different purpose and can be rented for a class and/or meeting you would like to host.  If you would like to teach a class or host a workshop or meeting, please contact the Project Coordinator to schedule the room that makes the most sense to fit your needs.  Additional information about each room may be found under the "Our Facility" menu above.

Test Proctoring

The facility has a private testing room with registered proctoring for ServSafe and Water/Wastewater Operator testing.  Testing fees are $100per person, and a testing station and proctor are provided.   

LED Light Board Advertising

Are you interested in advertising on our LED Light Board?  The light board is in a key location on Boundary Road with great exposure.  We sell space on a per slide basis for $25/day or $100/week (contact us for the rules that apply).